How to tell if a boxer is pure


Do you have a dog breed boxer but want to know if it is pure? Well you have come to the right place to inform. The Boxer is one of the breeds of dog known and popular in the world a pet with lovely flat nose and enormous sweetness is a charming companion. However, because of the constant mixing of races the end is not sure, if what you have is a real boxer. First, you have some information to get you started. The boxer is a dog of large size and short coats a grand highly adaptable low maintenance and an excellent guard animal.


The origin of the boxer goes back to Germany it is believed to come from Belgium, although there are many doubts about the accuracy of the origin of the breed. It is considered that is the Great Dane and the bulldog in its historical lineage. It is known to have been used as a hunter of wild boar and other large animals and the year 1830 was added bulldog blood resulting in we know today. Federations consider that, with proper training and good care the boxer has a natural behavior playful and charming.

It is an ideal dog because he is curious willing and is always alert to everything. He is brave to threats and show some distrust of the unknown but without being fearful or aggressive. His gait is firm but light, being able to cover ground with amplitude but with elegance. It has a large head with some folds whose upper is arched and its special feature is the flat cheeks. Has a dark brown eyes are not too deep not projections or small the front of his head under the front is much defined. Its snout is small and wide and represents the third of the length of his head and two-thirds the width of your skull.

To find out if your boxer is pure another descriptive features is the mouth. His upper jaw is wider at its base, reducing the thickness to the tip so when the mouth is closed the teeth or tongue cannot see. His bite is short and the long lower jaw. The ears of a boxer are moderate and are at the top of his head. Regarding the forelimbs, the upper arm is long and elbows cannot press against the chest. His forearms are muscular straight and parallel are extensive and front.

Regarding boxer hair is glossy, close to the body and short. The color can be brown with yellowish tint or brown gray brindle. The tawny tone can be reddish brown to very dark, brindle is very dark brown bands defined gray. Some boxers may have white spots on the chest, on the lower area of your body feet and lower legs.

To ensure that one boxer is pure the tail should be at the top end of the body this must be cut when it is a puppy and be up. Regarding the standard measures, the males of the cross on the shoulders can measure 58.4 to 63.5 cm. Females between 54.6 and 59.57 cm. They are dogs that have a nice size and height does not matter particularly. Regarding weight, a male can weigh between 30 and 32 kilos. In another article, you discover how much you should weigh a boxer dog.


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