How to teach my dog ​​for a walk without a leash

How to teach my dog ​​for a walk without a leash

Do you want to teach your dog to wander off leash? To begin with, you must be clear that your pet learn dog for a walk freely, you must see yourself as a leader. Besides train for hours with obedience exercises, your dog must have complete confidence in you. You can be assumed from an early age as his own head herd you as their leader must be able to discipline your domestic partner.

How to teach my dog for a walk without a leash

To get your dog off leash stroll need time and patience. It is not easy but with the advice that we will give you will get task. If your dog is, a puppy is important to dog for a walk, accustom to walk off leash times try to let go a little in a safe park or space but never on the street. When you reach, a green area should continue tied, then let him go a bit to scroll through the space but watch your favorite hand prizes to return to them. You must always be aware of it and not lose eye contact with him.

Another important tip is to never tire of very strong belt. It is very common that when taught dog for a walk a pet is very excited and do not stop shooting. It is not advisable to react sharply, it is best to pull gently and stand still. You may have to repeat this several times, but see how your dog will understand the message and stops with you. As you do, give back a prize. Positive reinforcement is basic to forge certain attitudes.

Although it may seem obvious, your dog must go out every day and not only because it is basic to meet your needs, whether because it is not critical to building a relationship of trust and affection. The walk with your dog is a moment of connection and fun take advantage to have fun and teach me to trust you. We also need to do several walks a day because that will get used faster and not be so anxious when you leave. When you overcome that anxiety your dog will be able to watch and obey orders. You must take him out on streets with wide squares where there are incentives to keep your dog distracted while going loose and especially, in an area where there is no risk of abuse.

The street is very dangerous and in the process of teaching your dog for a walk without a leash, you should not run any danger so look for an area close to your home area you see safe and where there are sufficient natural stimuli that keep you distracted pet. When you are walking off leash, you must stop at times and call it by its name. It’s a great strategy for your pet walk and also wait for you. A good trick is to let it wander a while, stop and call, it is normal that turn and wait. Then you have to continue the ride.


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