Symptoms of gastritis in dogs

gastritis in dogs

Like humans, dogs can also suffer from gastritis in dogs, this disease occurs when the lining of the stomach becomes inflamed and irritated. It is a common condition in dogs and can suddenly be generated classified in chronic or acute gastritis. Similarly, although not a fatal disease, it is necessary to take some measures to prevent and ensure quality food for your dog.

Acute Gastritis: it is common when your dog eats bad food, toxic or poisonous substances, as well as those that your body cannot digest as pieces of plastic or fabric. This occurs because some food may have been in her stomach without going through the digestive tract causing inflammation. The only risk factor that exists regarding gastritis in dogs is to be a stray dog or irresponsibility of the owner to let the dog either eat spoiled food, trash or contact with the feces of other animals.

gastritis in dogs

Causes of gastritis in dogs

The most common symptoms of gastritis in dogs include bloating and vomiting, but the symptoms of gastritis in dogs include many others. Constant vomiting, especially if it is chronic gastritis. It can usually be yellow or bloody color. The first thing you should do is take your animal to the vet this will take care of proper diagnosis through medical history and dietary habits. Since the disease is, diagnosed steps to treat gastritis in dogs are:

Do not give food to but for the next 12 hours or until it stops vomiting. Limit intake water as this may make you vomit. The veterinarian will recommend you give small portions of food and to be constant at least for 2 or 3 weeks. If necessary, the doctor prescribes antibiotics or medications to stop vomiting. If the cause of gastritis is the intake of objects that are not digestible for the dog, the solution is surgery to remove it. The prognosis for gastritis usually quite favorable depending on the time when it is diagnosed and treatment, however when gastritis occurs due to cancer the prognosis is not as favorable.

  • Treatment for gastritis in dogs
  • Preventing gastritis in dogs
  • Here are some tips to prevent gastritis in dogs:
  • Do not feed your dog too much give food in perspective.
  • Do not give leftovers just teach him to eat his food?
  • Prevent your dog take food away.


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