Symptoms of food allergy in dogs

Symptoms of food allergy in dogs

Do you think your dog is not feeling well? Like people can experience any food allergies, animals can also suffer from this condition not accept some foods that can end up causing him discomfort, and skin marks due to allergic reaction in your body. Unlike people this kind of condition is not so easily be diagnosed in dogs and, therefore it is important to be alert to the symptoms of food allergy in dogs and can detect if your best friend. In this article we will talk about these symptoms but you also discover vet diagnosis and the best treatment to help your can.

Symptoms of food allergy in dogs


It is important that, first of all, know the difference between food allergy and intolerance. We remark that intolerance occur when a food is rejected and this process is found in the intestine but, however, in the case of allergy, rejection of allergy in dogs throughout the body affecting the animal ‘s immune system. Thus, a food allergy is the one that can produce serious consequences on the health of reaching even to death dog instead, intolerance produces a feeling of heaviness and stomach indigestion with some effects such as gas, diarrhea or abdominal pain but the whole reaction is concentrated in that part of the body without affecting anything else.

Veterinary experts can detect when a dog is suffering from a food allergy when assessing the symptoms you are experiencing the animal. Some of the effects can be similar to those of intolerance (for example, the presence of diarrhea) but when we talk about an actual allergy, there are some very specific signs that determine the condition that is hurting the animal. As already mentioned, an allergy produces adverse effects throughout the body not only in the intestinal tract, so the animal can be affected other systems such as respiratory or skin as it is very often suffer from itching or hives.

Then we will symptoms of food allergy in dogs to learn to differentiate this condition intolerance. You have to know that, unlike people a food allergy in both dog and other animals like cats, for example, may not have an immediate reaction ie, the first symptoms of this condition can appear so much later and therefore, it is somewhat difficult to understand the origin of the signs begin to sprout by the animal ‘s body.

Thus, one of the symptoms of food allergy in dogs is persistent scratching , ie, if you notice that your pet will not stop scratching and have verified that no fleas or any other condition that may be causing him that itch, then it is likely to be experiencing an allergic reaction. In addition, these scrapes will also produce skin wounds can and slight bleeding and scabs that can aggravate your situation.

For this reason, it is easy to confuse allergies with any other condition that affects the skin health and, therefore, it is vitally important that you consult your trusted veterinarian to perform a thorough examination and can help you detect the real situation of your best friend.

But besides the marks on the skin, a food allergy also usually cause diarrhea and vomiting in dogs, which can be confused with intolerance and, therefore, should check the animal’s body to see if there are marks or wounds only in this way we can find out if it is an allergy or intolerance. The reaction to the assimilation of that food plus seen in other parts of the body, also takes place in the digestive tract and for this reason, may appear nausea vomiting, diarrhea etc., signs that the dog is rejecting one food has taken.

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