How to keep a house cool in summer dog

Maintaining a dog house cold in summer. When the temperature rises more nights during those hot summer, it is important to do your best to keep your pet comfortable. Like us, animals should stay hydrated and as cool as possible. If your dog stays in a tent, there are several things you can do to help them stay fresh and avoid the dangers caused by excessive heat. Keep reading to learn how to keep a house cool in summer dog.


Place the dog house so that is in the shade. If you have a large tree for shade available, install a canopy over the house and surrounding area to help keep your pet away from direct sunlight.

summer dog

Make sure the dog house is well ventilated. Heat rises, so you must create ventilation openings in and around the house roof to allow hot air to escape.

Buy your dog a cooling mat to lie on it. There are specially designed rugs that are filled with polymer crystals that immerse in water. The current active air cooling process and the carpet stays cool for hours or even days.


Raise the floor of the house dog a few inches above the ground. It will help increase air flow and maintain not only fresher also warmer in winter but in summer house.

Install unit air conditioning . They are not cheap but there are cooling systems made ​​especially for dog kennels and definitely increase the comfort of your pet in the days hot summer.