Stop neighbor dog barking

There is nothing more annoying than your dog barking to let him come and go, unless it is the dog of someone else. This happens all the time . A neighbor let the dog out and forgets him, leaving him mourn and howl incessantly and without doing anything to stop it. One thing is when the dog barks at a passerby occasionally, but sometimes actions are needed. If you want to have the dog of your neighbor to stop barking, you’ve come to the right place.


Visit your neighbor. Talk to him about your pet is a very important step, but for many it is a very difficult step. Do not be aggressive, but you gently and firmly explain that the dog barking bothers and must cease. Explain why it is a problem and when it is a problem at night when you are sleeping during the day when the kids are taking a nap, etc.. You can send a letter on behalf of the neighborhood if you want to stay anonymous, but it is usually more effective if the neighbor can put a face to the friendly request.

Stop neighbor dog barking

Keep records of the barking. If the dog is constantly barking once you approach the neighbor, begins to record the barking dog : The times of day and for how long. Send a letter explaining the situation and if you can provide evidence that the dog is actually barking at ridiculous hours, include it, as the neighbor may be more cooperative. If not, it’s time to find a new tactic.

Call the police. It is unfortunate that the police contact you about your annoying pet, but is something that can be used to advantage when it comes to dog your neighbor. Place the barking will be incredibly useful for this method because the police can explain it is not a matter of once. If you call when the dog is barking you will have more chance to get a reaction from you. Remember that they are busy, and a dog barking is not very high on their priority list.

Hire a lawyer if all else failed. Have the correspondence and records the neighbor’s barking and if you call the police, a police report. This will set you tried to remedy the situation and can not do anything else. The court will then decide whether to fine the owner, forces him to rid the dog or any other solution.