Rights and duties of dog handler


The teacher should not let his dog wander unattended:
– “It is forbidden to run at large dogs and cats” (Article 213-2 of the Rural Code)
– “It is forbidden to let go about pets in the streets” (Article 99-6 of the departmental health regulations type)
Faced with the rambling, a mayor can (section 213 et seq rural):
– Preventive action by ordering the wearing of a muzzle and leash
– Use its police powers and take all appropriate steps to prevent stray dogs and cats.
– To drive stray animals impounded as part of its health role (each municipality must have either a municipal pound or a pound of intercommunal)
– Organize campaigns for sterilization and identification of cats without owners to fight against proliferation.

dog handler

Rental housing with pets: Can we deny or not my pet?

Under the Act of July 9, 1970, Article 10 “shall be disregarded any provision to prohibit the possession of an animal in a dwelling to the extent that it relates to a pet.This detention is nevertheless subject to the fact that the animal does not damage the building or any disturbance to the occupants thereof.This means that if your pet is the author of any degradation in building or interfere your neighbors (incessant barking, aggression …),we can not force you to separate you from your companion.The only prohibition that can be made for the attack dogs under the law of January 6, 1999.But beware, this new law can apply only to new tenants.An owner of such dog already installed does not fall within the scope of this law,even during a lease renewal.

Guard dogs and defense

It includes the type dogs Tosa,Staffordshire Terrier,American Staffordshire Terrier,Rottweilers and similar.The owners of these dogs must meet the following constraints:

– The acquisition, sale, importation, livestock are prohibited (no sanction)
– The detention of these dogs by minors, adults in guardianship, of Sentenced Persons (bin No. 2) and to whom custody of a dog was withdrawn, is prohibited (sanction: three months in prison and 3 811 euro fine)
– All animals older than 4 months must be identified by tattoo (sanction: 457 euro fine)
– Rabies vaccination is mandatory (sanction: 457 euro fine);
– The master must have liability insurance (sanction: 457 euro fine)
– On public roads, it is obliged to keep his dog on a leash and make him wear a muzzle (sanction: 152 euro fine)
– Access to places and public premises is permitted to the dog but with the obligation to wear a muzzle and leash (sanction: 152 euro fine)
– Access to public transport is allowed, but with the requirement to wear a leash and a muzzle (sanction: 152 euro fine)
– In public areas of apartment buildings, a muzzle and leash are mandatory (sanction: 152 euro fine)
– Sterilization is optional (no penalty)
– The master is obliged to declare his dog at the town hall or police headquarters of the place of residence of the animal (to be redone to approach each move) (sanction: 762 euro fine)
– In case of control, the master must present a receipt of declaration of detention (sanction: 457 euro fine).

Other provisions of the law

A seizure of the animal may be ordered by the mayor if he would be dangerous or whether the measures described above were not met.In the second case, the law provides that “if, after a frank time guard of eight working days, the owner or custodian does not have any guarantees about the fulfillment of the requirements, the mayor Authorize the Manager of the tipping, after consultation with a veterinarian authorized by the veterinary services department, or to arrange for euthanasia of the animal, or to dispose of as provided in Section II of Article 213 -4 “.

The latter article states that the owner of the place of deposit may assign the animal free of charge to foundations or animal welfare groups with a refuge , which alone are authorized to offer animals for adoption to a new owner. Regarding dressage, Article 211-6 of the Rural Code provides that “in dog training biting is permitted only in canine breeding activities supervised by an association approved by the Minister of Agriculture and monitoring, guarding and transporting money “and that” only the trainers holding a certificate of capacity may carry on business training dogs to bite and purchase items and equipment for this dressage.

Also “to draw up or to train dogs to bite, or use, outside of the activities mentioned is punishable by six months imprisonment and fine and sentence complementary to the confiscation of the dogs concerned.However,no mayor can not prohibit the presence of these types of dogs in his town, or extend these provisions to other breeds as those cited by the law.

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