Reproductive disorders in dogs

Diseases of the reproductive tract can occur at any time in the life of the female:


You will need to provide them with special care and supervision, particularly during the period of lactation.
Disorders of the breasts.They are rare in dogs but often very serious when it comes to gangrenous mastitis.The causative agent is usually a staphylococcus.The female is very depressed,she has a fever.This condition occurs almost exclusively during lactation.In case of gangrene,the udder becomes cold,dark,purple pus flows and if no treatment is planned,death is inevitable.

disorders in dogs


Mammary tumors are among the fears of the masters.They can occur at any age of dog but occur more frequently in elderly females.They appear as a small ball.You can not judge their severity at the touch.It should be removed and practice their analysis.Only this manipulation will tell if the tumor is cancerous or not.In cancer,a chest X-ray will be performed to detect possible metastases.Chemotherapy may be put in place after the excision of tumors.Infection and inflammation of the reproductive.All genitalia are very susceptible to germs and the dog does not always have good hygiene.


This is a fairly common condition that sometimes leads to infertility.The dog has lost vulvar,she licks constantly.A bet on antibiotics may be decided by the veterinarian.These conditions often occur in very young dogs.

Uterine infections

They are characterized by dripping pus from the vulva.The dog is shot and does not eat,she drinks heavily.The uterus fills with pus sometimes there is no flow.These infections are called metritis or pyometra,and surgery is often necessary because the antibiotics may not be sufficient.They may follow parturition,abortion,a contraceptive treatment.They are more common in older female dogs.A blood test showing a significant increase in white blood cells to confirm the suspicion of metritis.

Genital tumors

Tumors of the vulva

It is very difficult to assess the severity of a tumor without removing it and analyze it.We can say however,that the benign tumors of the vulva are often tumors of fat that emerge as a piece of lining that is easy to operate.The tumors are generally more severe ulcerated.They are often visible from the outside but do not cause any symptoms.

Tumors of the vagina

These are mainly older female dogs that have this disease.These tumors are rarely cancerous and symptoms result primarily from compression of the tumor may have on the bladder.Urination can be difficult.

Tumors of the uterus

Cancers of the uterus in female dogs are very rare.The abdomen may enlarge and bleeding suggestive of heat may occur.They are very common in dogs and modify their sexual behavior: an extension of heat,heat … repeat treatments if their tumors consist of removal.

Other conditions

Eczema of the vulva

This condition is very common in young dogs,especially during the first heat.Lesions become pus quickly because of intensive licking of the female.

Prolapse of the vagina

This phenomenon is rare but it is known as very impressive. The vagina turns out like a sock.This may be due to the forced closure of a coupling is not desired by the master.A difficult calving or a strenuous deportation in cases of constipation can also lead to this anomaly.


They are bleeding of the uterus that occurs outside of the heat periods.They can cause metritis.Ablation may be considered.

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