Raincoat for dogs

The dogs need exercise little rain or shine. For those rainy days, a raincoat can help your dog stay warm and dry. Most dogs hate wet small therefore, a waterproof is a great solution. You may also save the hassle of dealing with soaked towels and dog wet stinky at home after a walk. You can sew your own raincoat for dogs that is light and relatively inexpensive.


Make a raincoat for a small dog

Measure your dog just above his tail to his shoulders. Measured from a front leg and all his back to the other foreleg. Add one inch (2.5 cm) on each measure. Draw a rectangle with these measurements on your fabric.

raincoat for dogs

Cut the rectangle of fabric. Fold 1/2 inch (1.27 cm) of fabric on all four sides of the rectangle and then fold again to create a double hem. Sew the four hems with your sewing machine. Make sure all the corners are neat and flat.

Measure around the body of a dog in her womb. Add 4 inches (10 cm) and cut two strips of fabric that length to create the straps for waterproof.

Fold the two long sides of the rectangle inward half and doubles. Centra one end of the two strips in each fold. Sew the strips in place on the back of waterproof.

Sets a fabric zipper style hook and loop (like Velcro) at the ends of each strip. Waterproof Prove your little dog to make sure it fits properly.

Add a hood

Measure around the head of your dog and add 2 to 3 inches (5 to 7.6 cm). Draw this as a straight piece of cloth on your line. Draw the shape of a crescent that connects the endpoints of the line. The hood should be slightly larger than the head of a dog to allow the animal to breathe and look while walking.

Cut the shape of the crescent fabric. Make a hem around the entire hood.

Set similar to Velcro on both bottom corners of the hood fabric. Prove your hood but to make sure you have a snug fit.

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