To what age is put the necklace?

Should be placed the necklace the puppy as soon as possible, generally to the 2 1/2 months of age, at the beginning it bother and it cascara or he will shake his head, but soon it normally without any problems, in any case if you are very uncomfortable with the necklace, he retired for a time and becomes it to place a time until that habitué to use it. Here are three types of basic necklaces: necklaces with buckle, necklaces of amorous and necklaces with spikes.

Necklaces with buckles are the recommended for puppies under 4 months and it are the only collar that is safe while they are not controlled. Dogs older than four months is useful the collar of époque training and, in extreme cases, yes the dog is very strong and difficult to interpret orders a collar with spikes, but this is generally used to protect the neck for any fights with other animals, but if we care as befits and brought to walk by his tutor with collar and strap This kind of fights should not happen.


Cub accepts the necklace and belt more quickly if teach you using them gradually. We must begin by gently pulling the strap inside the House around the courtyard, also let him walk alone and walk with him, when he turns gently take the leash and walk with him. When he turns, follow him, then gently pick up the leash and walk with him, when it does and has the belt in his hand and he walk, talk to him and encourage him amicably to walk but not pull sharply.

At this stage there is no search for perfection in walking and obedience, the goal is simply to get the puppy comfortable with the collar and the leash and walk without resistance. Yes begins to pull forward, gently invert your address and make a noise to distract the puppy, no verbal order must be used during this introduction, only is the puppy gets used to the weight of the collar and the leash and that accept I like segmented, without resisting. The size of the necklace must go adapting to age and be changing it as the puppy grows up to the final size that will take when he is an adult.

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