Tamiflu for a puppy with parvovirus

The parvovirus is a viral disease that primarily affects puppies. It attacks and kills healthy cells of the intestinal wall, causing diarrhea, suppression of white blood cells and vomiting. The treatments usual for parvovirus fluids are subcutaneous, intravenous therapy and antibiotics. However. in recent years. the treatments using the antiviral Tamiflu for humans have been effective for puppy with parvovirus.

 puppy with parvovirus


Tamiflu is an antiviral drug for human use in the treatment of parvovirus in dogs. It is an active neuraminidase inhibitor that prevents the release of viral particles from cells infected by bacteria. Oseltamivir phosphate, which is the active ingredient in Tamiflu, attacks the parvovirus and prevents it from spreading.


Puppies with chronic symptoms of parvovirus may not react to the treatment with Tamiflu. This medicine is only effective when administered during the early stages of the disease. Consequently, the sooner treatment starts a veterinarian for your dog better the prognosis. The effects of Tamiflu in puppies with parvovirus not been investigated formally, so it is not yet available a definite measure of its effectiveness. There are only anecdotes puppies shelters and veterinarians who have used this treatment effectively.


Tamiflu is available as an oral suspension in powder and capsule. Your vet should prescribe and recommend the proper dosage for your dog. You must administer medication to your dog orally twice a day for five days.

Side Effects

There are no reported side effects in relation to the treatment of Tamiflu for dogs. However, there are side effects in humans, such as difficulty breathing, rash, vomiting, coughing and difficulty sleeping. If you are providing your puppy Tamiflu and detect any of the side effectslisted above should consult your veterinarian.


Manages Tamiflu with food if you notice your puppy has an upset stomach due to drugs. In addition, Tamiflu only lasts 10 days, so any waste product discarded after that time.