The imprinting for the puppy test

The imprinting “is a complex mental process that led the puppy to be considered as one of his fellow man and therefore to seek contact with him. Only puppies who received a good imprinting may become useful, well socialized and ready to collaborate with the human dog.

Understand the imprinting
To receive a correct imprinting, puppies must be in permanent contact with different people: they must sniff them, play with them, be caught in their arms. If it is not, or is that with a single person, the imprinting may be absent or incomplete and then an adult dog that is not fully socialized and will be therefore difficult to educate and prepare.

puppy test

Individuals generally do not know the importance of the imprinting (they know sometimes not even what it means): However, most of the time, having a scope at home led the members of the family to spend a lot of time with dogs and this problem is resolved automatically, without even having been raised.

The risk can occur in the absence of family: If there is only one person in the House and that there is which manipulates the puppies, the imprinting is likely to focus on this one person not on the human species, as should be the case. In a farm, known in general this problem and we are trying to provide a good imprinting the dog.

However, if several litters are born at the same time and thebreeder is a little overwhelmed, it may happen that this imprinting is defective or incomplete. It is for these reasons that it is strongly advised to run this test once you have identified the scope of your dreams.

Age : between 30 and 40 days, if you still have the possibility to intervene in correcting any negative results. The test can also be run to fifty or sixty days: the responses obtained are reliable but they are final and cannot be corrected.

Place : given the young age of the puppies, the test can be executed in farming or in the House of the owner of the scope (including in a garden if the weather is good).

Duration : approximately a quarter of an hour.
Who should run the test? An adult person who is not known puppies (you, for example).

Conduct of the test
Approach the scope walking quietly, without speaking or making sudden movements. Sit in puppies and observe their reactions.

What do puppies do?
-Puppies come soon to inspect and sniff you; They invite to play and take familiarites with you: all members of the scope have received a very good imprinting : you can buy without hesitation one of the puppies I am sure that it will be for you a companion and a friend.

-Puppies revolve around you an interested but air maintain a safe distance; some of them show a start of aggressive reaction (Growl, bark). After a few minutes, the most reckless of them began approaching and quickly all the puppies take familiarites with you: the imprinting is still incomplete : it may be a slight delay by the breeder in establishing a relationship with her puppies, or topics that need more time. It is perhaps also an imprinting focused on one person. It is then necessary to run a contre-epreuve by resuming the test a week later about: If the behavior of the puppies is more friendly, there is no problem. If the puppies have the same reactions, ask the breeder to take your place among them: if they then show the identical to the case above reactions, you are dealing with an imprinting focused on one person. Ask the breeder what he intends to do so over the next few days: if it doesn’t have the opportunity to make known to others to puppies, their socialization may be incomplete. If you really want something of this scope, you can still you hear with the breeder and return see the puppies with a friend or a parent the following week. Do you sniff by puppies, touch them and play with them for a small half hour per day: this may be sufficient to carry out the imprinting his term.

-Puppies run to hide in a corner, visibly frightened by the human presence: puppies are totally imprinting : it is a dangerous situation because it is irreversible once they have exceeded the age of eight weeks. These puppies will become irretrievably “wild” dogs and fearing the man, difficult to educate and impossible to prepare. Thirty-five or forty days, you can still save the situation: I recommend you to speak with the breeder, ask him what he thinks do about it and make your choice based on his answers. A puppy without imprinting should not be purchased. However, if you still have time to remedy, you can personally care you with the help of friends, as we have seen in the previous (of course, if the farmer agrees). This course requires a certain availability on your part.

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