The puppy needs a master

The puppy needs a master, a vital need to find a guide figure by which it can be confident: the human equivalent of the mother first, and the Pack leader then. In the absence of such a figure, his instinct for social animals will grow it to occupy himself this vacant place: because without a leader, the pack could not survive.

But yet once, this would be tantamount to coercing a child of ten years to become Mayor of a city, assuming all responsibilities arising therefrom. Needless to say that it does would not a happy and fulfilled person, but a poor unfortunate who cannot where to give head, which most would close the eye of the night, crushed by larger than him responsibilities. That is why the dog must be trained, guided and educated.

The puppy needs a master

Accompany the puppy in its evolution
This is why not teach him what suits us (as to go out) to leave it free to handle itself on everything else is absolutely wrong. The puppy is not known to manage itself. And most importantly, he does not want. The puppy, left to himself, does not become a happy dog, but a dog concerned, nervous and stressed.

This is what we must know when you take a dog: in doing so, accepted responsibility for a living, being with a certain sensitivity and an understanding of things, need to shape and direct. Admittedly, the puppies are not all equal: the man has put his grain of salt in the work of mother nature and has changed, apart from the physical aspect, the psychic characteristics of different races.

The need for hierarchy
Some dogs are still very close to the Wolf : others are detached (or ‘were’ detached) do not feel the requirement of a social hierarchy, but consider that their “Pack” is limited to themselves and to their master.

We know that different races have different behaviors, different reactions and different directions. In reality, however, take into account a very important factor: breeds very selected and very fixed characters… are in fact “fixed” by a tiny point of glue.

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