Prepare the arrival of the puppy at home

The joy and emotion are considerable while you prepare thearrival of your puppy at home. But do not forget that the puppy is likely to be out by the new environment, frightened by the absence of his mother and brothers, disoriented by the change of habits. Try to see what he can do to welcome him to the best. The calm, patience and tenderness is going to help him relax.

As soon as he arrived, he must let him explore every corner of the House so he could learn to recognize his new universe. In contrast, and although this is not always easy, avoid passing it from hand to hand, in binding to accept hugs and caresses. Need to contrast her speaking softly to reassure.
The “comfort”.

the puppy at home

A puppy fatigue easily; Once past the first moments of excitement, it may start to cry and research the company of his mother and his brothers.

It must offer a quiet place to rest. A basket with a blanket or a old pull belonging to the master and a plush are ideal; placed in a corner of the House where there is not too many passages, the puppy can then observe the facts and actions of the members of the family all feeling protected.

The niche
From the beginning, it is advisable to get the dog to go in its nest, a basket, a mattress or a small bed. It however is not excluded that he prefers to settle on the sofa or the bed of his master.

Regardless of the choice made, it is important that the bedding is washable, because this is that parasites lay their eggs, such as chips.

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