How to protect dogs from summer heat

How to protect your dog from the summer heat. Summer is here and that means fun outside, but the heat of the day can affect the health of your dogs. Dogs have a higher internal temperature than humans and they can rise quickly. Outdoor activities can be fun to share with your dog but remember protect it from heat. If you’re not careful, your dog can suffer heat exhaustion. Follow these steps to learn more.


1.) Leave your dog at home and not in the car. Many more dogs die of heat exhaustion in a car than any other circumstance. The car gets very hot, but leave him alone for a few minutes.

protect your dog

2.) Exercise in the cooler times of day. People do like to run with their dogs and generally think that dogs have no trouble handling the heat. This is not true. The risk of heat exhaustion can reduce running times in fresh morning or evening. Also avoid hot pavement, which can burn the protections of your dog’s paws.
3.) Hydrate your dog. Always take the hikes and a bottle of water for your dog and a bowl.

4.) Cool wrap cloths or custom bandanas on the neck of your animals before you leave you can keep cool and avoid having a heat exhaustion.

5.) Brush your dog. Brushing his cloak usually makes the risk of depletion is less, especially if you have a heavy mantle.

6.) Keep it fresh. During times of heat of the day, keep your dog in a safe and cool environment. Give plenty of water. Make sure you always have clean, fresh water in the house.

7.) Protects your nose. If you’ll be outside in the sun with your dog, put sunscreen on the nose. It is a part of the body of the animal that is not protected by the hair and is prone to burning.