How to protect my cat at home


It is no secret that cats are the animal’s most curious world. Awake and intelligent, they are always hanging around home with an enormous facility to get into the tightest corners in search of what he calls your attention, it is very important to take several securities to keep them safe at home.


Never let the cat reach the electrical cables since they are often perfect for nibbling or play with them, which can cause a serious accident risking the life of your pet. It is best to always adhere them either to the wall or keep them hidden and out of reach attention packaging, bags and products of small plastic, which in the middle of a game, could reach to suffocate the animal.

It’s good to never leave things lying on the floor because we know that the cat, as well curious, always going to find out that it is running often unknowingly danger. Just as you would a small child, never leave open closets especially when they contain dangerous things for the animal as appliances, cleaners, chemicals, etc.

Always takes care of very well close your closets and cabinets. It is true that cats can entertain themselves playing with anything but anything is safe for them toy, so before giving a product of daily use to be fun it is best to go to a pet shop and buy toys special feline non toxic and safer. Never let your cat chew plants in your garden or balcony, as many of them can is toxic to the animal, risking his life. It is best to keep away from these small spaces and teach that you should not eat plants.

If you have small children increases precautions, especially regarding small objects that the cat could suffocate, like children’s toys accessories. Always watches that are not on the floor toys that may endanger your animal. Also, teach your children to care for and ensure the safety of the cat. This article is for information only, in have no power to prescribe any veterinary treatment or perform any diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the vet if present any kind of condition or discomfort.