How to treat and prevent your dog has dry skin and itchy

Several diseases can cause dry and itchy skin in dogs. The most common are parasites, allergies and fungal infections. Fleas and mites are the most common parasites, while dermatitis contact, food allergies and yeast infections are the most common types of allergies and fungal infections. Leave these conditions untreated can cause much pain and discomfort for your dog.

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Observe your dog to see if there are underlying problems that cause skin problems. If your dog gets sick easily, has constant allergy problems and suffers from chronic infections, these can be symptoms of an underlying immune system problem that needs attention of a vet. If your dog is not sick and is in good general health, you should be able to address the problem of dry and irritated skin on your own.

Treat the underlying cause of a skin problem. If problems occur in the skin at the base of the tail, the groin, thighs and hips, are likely to be fleas. If you are on the face, belly, ears and feet likely to be allergies to food . If there was a skin lesion and then the itching started, it may be a bacterial infection. Try these problems before treating itchy skin to prevent problems from returning.

Purchase topical treatments pet stores or veterinarian. Topical treatments include creams that can be rubbed on problem areas to treat dry areas that itch. There are different creams to treat different causes, so your vet will be able to tell the right cream is needed after diagnosing what caused the skin problem.

Give your dog an oatmeal bath to reduce discomfort and treat dry and itchy skin. Do not use flavored oatmeal or oatmeal containing sugars. Transform 1 cup oats into a fine powder using a blender. Place the cup rolled oats in a bathtub full of warm water. The water level should be at chest height of your dog. Mix oatmeal in the water until dissolved.

Place your dog in the oatmeal bath. Gently pour water over your dog oatmeal every few minutes. Let your dog to soak for 10-15 minutes. Do not rinse the oatmeal off the skin when you’re done, just pat dry your dog with a towel. Oatmeal will keep your dog feel itchy.

Change your dog’s diet. To prevent future outbreaks of dry and itchy skin, make sure your dog is eating a proper diet. The foods containing fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A and zinc help promote healthy skin at the cellular level. The food must also contain a lot of protein, but only small amounts of grains, preservatives and dyes. Grains, preservatives and dyes are a major cause of allergies, so changing the diet will deliver allergies to foods and promote better skin and immune health.

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