How to prevent a dog cries at night

Dogs cry at night for a variety of reasons, which range from loneliness, to the need to drain your bladder. If you just moved into a new house or if you have a new puppy, you may not remain but be patient and allow the dog to adjust to its new environment. If crying persists and seems to find the solution, you may need to adjust your routine to meet the needs of your dog, while achieving at least back to sleep soundly.


Spend more time playing with your dog every night before bed. Make the game becomes a daily routine and most likely the dog finished tired and wants to sleep all night. You can play with him ca char the ball while jogging beside or participate in vigorous activity in the dog have fun and exercise to the end tired.

prevent a dog

Check the dog do his business before bedtime. In some cases, will mourn at night because you need to leave, so be sure to give you the opportunity to do so before lights out. If the dog is up to you to get out or get used to walking, make sure to do so immediately before going to bed each night. If you have a puppy under 6 months should probably get up and out periodically during the night, as puppies often have to relieve themselves every three or four hours.

Keep the dog in a cage in your room, if it seems that all he wants is to be near you. The dogs are household pets and are often sheltered and comfortable being in a cage or box to sleep close to their owners, explains the Humane Society of the United States (Humane Society of the United States). Never use the crate as punishment, and never leave your dog inside for longer than it takes one night of sleep restful.


Resist the temptation to respond or to silence the dog every time he cries. You should not try to stop the tears hurrying to calm or scold each moan. If crying continues even after you’ve fulfilled all your needs, simply stand firm and ignore the sounds until the dog understands that crying does not get your attention automatically.