How to prevent a dog bite when playing

Dog bite and pinching is a completely natural stage that most puppies go through. They do it for fun, love and much when they are teething. However, it is essential that this problem is under control, because in the age adult , even a playful bite can cause injury. If the problem can not fight while your dog is a puppy, is likely to persist in the age adult . However, it is always possible to eliminate this playful habit.


Training begins as soon as possible. It is always easier to break bad habits more than one adult dog. Once the dog is older, you used the bites to play for so long, it will be difficult for them to understand why they have to stop suddenly.

dog bite

If your dog starts to bite, take a chew toy as a substitute. Directs bite your dog a toy. When they begin to pinch yourself , say with firm and severe that no voice, and puts a toy in his mouth. If it is a puppy to which they are teething, you can put the chew toy in a bucket of ice to soothe sore gums.

Show your puppy to bite can be painful for you. After all, they are not intended to cause any harm, are simply trying to play. Your dog will not want this reaction, and soon learn that biting cause the owner is not happy. If you continue biting repeatedly says “ouch!” and leave the room if necessary.

Reward your dog with treats when they behave well. Reward good behavior. If your dog stops biting when you ask, give him a treat and praise him. This will make the good behavior you find most appealing.

Persistence is the key. Dogs, like children, they will not learn anything at the first time. Make sure everyone in your family or participate in training your dog will think it is okay to play with bite with certain people. Makes clear that bite in any form is not appropriate behavior.

If the game with biting persists, have your dog attend obedience classes. The teachers of these classes are experts and can help combat the problem.