Symptoms and signs of a pregnant dog pug

Like all dogs , the pug have a variety of signs and symptoms throughout pregnancy. A normal dogs pregnancy lasts about 63 days. Pregnancy is divided into three stages: initial, intermediate and final. Each lasts about 20 days, and involves obvious changes in the behavior of the dog as well as physical symptoms.

Initial stage
During the initial stage of pregnancy of a pug you may notice changes in their behavior. Some dogs become more loving and need more attention, while others prefer to be alone. Your dog needs more sleep as a result of hormonal changes. You may also notice a decrease in appetite. A physical symptom is enlargement of the nipples, which become softer than normal. A veterinarian can confirm pregnancy in your dog feeling the embryos implanted in the uterine wall. You can also confirm it with a blood test. The hormone relaxin is present after the embryos are implanted in the uterine wall.


Intermediate stage
There are many signs and symptoms of pregnancy during the intermediate stage and not very obvious. Bitch appetite and increases returns. Their behavior is back to normal and has more energy than he had during the first weeks of pregnancy. Some dogs have bigger bellies during this stage which feels harder than usual. Not all dogs grow in size during the intermediate stage. However, it is likely to have the largest pug abdomen due to its small size. Stay in touch with the vet during the entire process. Due to the large size of the head of the pug, this may require a cesarean for babies born. The vet can determine the number of puppies via ultrasound.

Final stage
The signs and symptoms during the last weeks of pregnancy are much more apparent. Appetite and energy level decrease bitch again. She will urinate more frequently due to pressure on the bladder. The nipples and abdomen are larger still. The belly size depends on the number of puppies. The average size of a litter of pug is three to four cubs. Can you notice that leaves some milk of her nipples. The most exciting and final sign of pregnancy is the movement of the puppies. You can feel this movement over the last two weeks of pregnancy and when your dog has done some exercise, like going for a walk.