Postpartum hair loss

The loss of hair (hair loss) in many bitches in nursing is not abnormal, usually, dogs changed his hairy mantle at a certain time of the year, the biggest “change of hair” usually occurs in spring.

Postpartum hair loss

Pregnant bitches and breastfeeding, the physiological and metabolic demand caused by the pregnancy and breastfeeding, can speed up the shedding of hair, also influence the hormonal changes that occur in the dog during this stage. So fast is the change, which can be seen that the new hair can be darker, less dense and can have a different texture.

When this happens, should help with a good brushing of that form will favour the replacement as thus also prevents the presence of hair around the House.

This time should pay close attention to adequate nutrition of the animal because when it happens this phenomenon indicates that it is to the maximum of its nutritional requirement.

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