How to calm my pitbull

A nervous or highly excitable pitbull can alarm people when displaying inappropriate behavior. Pit bulls were originally bred to fight and sometimes react badly with other dogs. Although they generally are friendly with people, their weight and strength makes her excitable behavior is highly problematic. A dog of 90 pounds (40 kg) jumping is annoying people. Calm your pitbull involves understanding why it is behaving this way

How to calm my pitbull




Make sure your pitbull is spayed or neutered. This reduces the problems of neurotic behavior in males and females. Get that new puppy to behave as soon as possible; pitbulls are heavy enough for these procedures are safe from eight weeks onwards.



Looking for an experienced professional dog behaviorist in your area and make an appointment. Ask your veterinarian or the local chapter of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA, for its acronym in English) or Humane Society about a referral to a specialist certified applied animal behavior (CAAB for its acronym in English) or veterinary behaviorist (ACVB, for its acronym in English). According to the ASPCA, the other possibility is a certified professional dog trainer (CPDT, for its acronym in English), but check with experience and training. Professional help is essential for the pitbull not behave aggressively and advisable way other behavioral problems. Try to find a trainer with specific experience with pitbulls.




Socialize with a pitbull puppy from the start, make sure you have much contact with people and other dogs. Pit Bulls are not necessarily more aggressive than other breeds, but they are exceptionally strong and can cause injury to other dogs if they are left out. Note that some pitbulls are not related especially well with strange dogs, but most if they do very well with people.



Take your pitbull to daily walks three miles (4.8 km) or twice daily. Especially in young dogs, hyperactive behavior may simply be an excess of energy. Are muscular dogs need lots of exercise. If you have access to a park to run off leash, your dog becomes more sociable with other dogs and do more exercise. However, this is only an option for an animal that relates well socialized well with strange dogs.



Shows consistency and follow the basic rules. If your pitbull is not allowed on the couch, do not let it up “just this once” because it will only confuse the dog. The same applies to the excitable behavior. Do not let the pitbull jump to people sometimes but not others. Turn your back, blocking the dog with your knee or pull down time.