How To Raise A Pitbull Blue Nose properly

The blue nose pit bulls are an attractive color variation of the American Pit Bull Terrier , with dark gray nose, blue eyes and blue-gray hair. As with any pit bull, it is important to raise it with consistency, patience, love and leadership. This breed becomes a big dog and full of energy, so the training and obedience appropriate during the infancy of your puppy is crucial to give a bright future with your family.

big dog


Socialize your pit bull puppy as much as possible by exposing it to a lot of people, places, pictures, sounds and other animals, making sure that the experience is positive and enjoyable for your dog. Between 7 and 16 weeks is the most important period for this, because the experiences that your dog has at this stage will affect the way they react to new situations the rest of his life.

Train your dog consistently from day to bring home. Always use gentle methods and positive, but be firm in your leadership. This teaches your dog to trust you and listen to you, what will be of great value, because it will turn into a big dog and naughty.

Spay or neuter your pit bull at the age recommended by your veterinarian. Even the colorful unique blue of your pit bull can find homeless dogs in shelters worldwide. Do not add to the overpopulation of pit bulls. Neutering also reduces your dog’s hormones, so it is easier for your dog to stay focused on what you say.

Exercise your dog as much as possible. By doing so deplete their extra energy, making it less likely to engage in negative behaviors such as excessive barking or chewing things in the house . This will keep the relationship with your dog harmonious and happy.

Train your pit bull for success, to maintain their safety and the safety of others as a priority. Even better socialized pit bull get you into trouble, and race already has a negative reputation. Never leave your dog unsupervised with other animals or young children, and do not use your dog for fighting or bullying.