How to remove pet odor from a carpet

Dogs give us many pleasures, but one of them is not the smell they leave. Many homeowners spend fortunes in refreshing environments, carpet deodorizers, sprays that eradicate odors and candles just to remove odors from pets , but one of the most difficult to treat is the carpet. When a new puppy in the house, tend to relieve themselves in various areas and some of these go unnoticed because accidents happen in the blink of an eye. But you can have fresh smelling house you want, as well as new, lovable family addition, if you follow a few tips and suggestions.

 pet odor from a carpet


Palmetea the area in which the dog has messed dry. The urine SLEEPING faster, less damage to the carpet. Stacks daily and / or paper towels and stand on them for a minute, making sure to remove as much moisture as possible.

Use in place a carpet cleaner or stain remover to prevent discoloration. Be sure to use products that are made ​​to prevent odors from pets , because they have less chemical smells like ammonia. The odor of these chemicals not only have the ability to remove dog odors, but it can also encourage using the same place again. The same is true of steam cleaning in places where there are odors left by the puppy, as the steam can seal the area and make this the perfect spot for dogs used over and over again.

Try a wet vacuum or Bissel to get rid of odors from pets . You can buy these special vacuum cleaners in the big stores like Target and Walmart supermarkets or rent. They work as traditional versions, but use water clean to remove stains and water is poured into a dirty bucket of booking. They are very effective for odors left by pets on carpets, because they use only water instead of chemicals and require careful work.

Neutralizes any odor that is left in the carpet left by a dog that frequents the area. Not all dogs odors in carpets are the result of the urine, so the use of a spray odor neutralizer for dogs can keep everything fresh until we clear again. You can also use carpet powder for these odors, spreading before vacuuming the place, and that removes all odors in the time it takes to settle. Vacuum the carpet is dust and odor free.