Opening a pet kennel

A good kennel is an important in the life of any pet owner part. They want access to a kennel where they can leave their beloved pet and be confident that your pet will be cared for and supervised while they are not. You can provide the necessary service for these owners to open your own pet kennel. Keep reading to learn how to open.


Check the zone restrictions in your area for a kennel to go to the local office in your city. This is a need for a pet kennel step.

Opening a pet kennel

Open a kennel to become part of a franchise. Companies like Camp Bow Wow can help you get started.

Decide the scale of your kennel. Want to have the ability to have 20 or more dogs at once? Or would you rather keep a limit of six dogs or less?

Use a barn or large enough to accommodate 10 or more pens for a large scale business building. If you want one smaller scale, you can enlarge an existing structure such as a garage. Make sure the building is weatherproof, with enough windows and ventilation. Consider having pet doors with locks for each pen for dogs to have access at specific times during the day.

Make sure you have a fenced and safe for dogs to be outside area. To be on the safe side, you have to consider having the top of the fence about three feet below the ground (1 m) and extend the top of the fence at least five feet (1.52 m) above ground or more. This will prevent the excavators (terriers and similar) dig under the fence and climbers and jumpers (Australian and other pastors) do not escape to skip the fence. Keep this area clean by removing dirt regularly during the day.

Provides a soft beds where dogs can sleep or rest. Put them in a easy to remove covers to wash.

Keep clean water available for the dogs in their kennels. Ten two per pen metal bowls, one for water and one for food.

Keep pet food in separate, labeled metal trash containers. Keep track of meal times for each dog and its requirements. It also includes contact information of the owner.

Create a website for your kennel pet and includes photos and testimonials from past clients.

Make business cards and posters, and leave them at any pet store in the area and beyond. Always include your website address.

Be selective about who receive in your kennel. Decide whether or not to receive problem dogs or ten minimum requirements as temperament (not excessive barking or aggressive dogs too).

Interview with care to go to work with you. You’ll want to be sure to hire people who love dogs like you, and who is responsible and reliable.

Choose the appropriate insurance when you open your kennel for pets. An insurance agent can help you. You can find one in the phone book.

Develop a relationship with veterinarians in the area. Not only can it be helpful to have someone to call if there is an emergency in the kennel, veterinarians can act as a source of referrals for new customers.

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