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What iscivil liability insurance ?
It is insurance that is used to cover the damage you may cause to a third party and you are responsible for.Applied to daily life, would this example: you drive your car and have an accident you are responsible for. Liability insurance (compulsory minimum insurance) will allow you to be covered for damage on the car that you pressed. This allows the head to not pay the damage from his pocket and ensure compensation for its damage to the victim of the accident.

The same principle applies to your pets. By purchasing liability insurance that covers your pets, you are yourself covered against the damage it could cause.

Insurance for my dog

How to ensure your pet?
Easy: just to point out your pet in your own liability insurance contract. Attention however in many information about the risks covered, the scope of coverage, the cost of the deductible for damage… In summary, all these details listed in small print that the habit of not reading. Take note of these tips will be for you “assurance of tranquility”.

The precautions to be taken
It will have to be vigilant on certain points.If you entrust your animal to a pension for animals, your liability insurance will not cover damage caused by your pet because it is not you who have responsibility at the time. Will have to check that the pension is itself well insured for animals which she liability.

If you have custody of an animal that is not on your, you must register on your insurance the time of his stay in you. Indeed, you are legally responsible for the damage it could cause to a third party. Finally, we must know that a similar clause is often included in your insurance multi-risk housing. A small glance at it you will avoid paying twice for the same service.

Good to know

As a reminder, the category 1 is the so-called “attack” dogs The dogs in this category are the following:
– Staffordshire terrier or American Staffordshire terrier (related to the “pit bulls”),
– Mastiff
– Tosa.
Category 2, calling him a dog guard and defence, includes the dogs below:
– Staffordshire terrier or American Staffordshire terrier,
– Rottweiler,
– Tosa,
as well as those attached to a genealogical book recognised by the Ministry in charge of agriculture, and the morphological characteristics are akin to the Rottweiler breed dogs.
You can find all the details on these categories of dogs in this article on the classified dangerous dogs.

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