Home remedies to treat symptoms of parvovirus puppies

Parvovirus puppies is a health problem that affects dogs and can be fatal to puppies. The problem is caused by a viral infection which attacks the intestine and the cardiovascular system. However, there are homemade options that do not require a prescription to treat if you want to take the puppy to the vet or spend lots of money on prescription medication.

 parvovirus puppies

Symptoms and Risks

Anyone who has a dog, no matter the age of the dog should be alert to symptoms of parvovirus. The main symptoms are often severe bloody diarrhea, accompanied by loss of appetite, vomiting, lack of energy and malaise. A mature dog can resist a month with parvovirus, but the condition is often fatal for puppies, which may collapse before symptoms.Parvaid

Pavaid is a natural and holistic remedy that is available at most veterinary clinics without a prescription. The main ingredient is mint, which humans also used to an effective remedy for nausea and intestinal problems. Echinacea promotes the immune system, banana helps replace electrolytes and chamomile helps soothe and calm the uneasy animal. Yarrow root and garlic also help regulate blood circulation and the immune system. Parvaid is most effective when the virus is detected early. Severe cases require veterinary care, including intravenous supplements and veterinary supervision.

Bactrim and colloidal silver

There are many other medicines natural that do not require a prescription for bacterial infections such as parvovirus. Bactrim and colloidal silver are also natural homeopathic alternatives that you can buy without a prescription and use it with your pet at home. The main advantage of Bactrim is treating infections caused by bacteria. It is also effective to attack and destroy bacteria and also balances the body’s immune system. As Parvaid, you may need to be used in conjunction with intravenous supplements and veterinary care.

Treatment and prevention

The home remedies for parvovirus are only one component for the treatment needed and the rehabilitation program. Prevention is another key component. Parvovirus vaccine is the best and most efficient way to prevent the disease. Another great way to prevent parvovirus is cleanliness. Sick dogs should be kept away, and bleach should be used to clean any item that had contact.