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Psychological characteristics of the dog

January 30, 2011 admin 0

What are the qualities that together form the “character” of a dog? Cynology modern examines nine in particular: reactivity (or)temperament),temper,aggression,combativeness,docility,diligence,curiosity, sociability and possessiveness.These qualities may […]

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How do punish your dog

January 27, 2011 admin 0

When punishing the dog? The punishment should be used in exceptional circumstances. So be sure it worthwhile and not be unfair.Make sure that the anomalous […]

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Place the puppy in the family

January 26, 2011 admin 0

Importance of Hierarchy During the implementation of the hierarchical order,the puppy will also tend to try to “get ahead” in his human family. This behavior […]

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Can dogs have caries?

December 15, 2010 admin 0

The you caries are very rare in dogs. Domestic animals, like humans, can have tooth decay, however, are relatively rare in animals because they don’t […]