How to Make an Easter outfits for dogs

Easter is a great time to involve the whole family , including your dog. With the cool weather and vigorous early spring, make an Easter outfit for your dog is not only fun, but also functional. So, if you want to involve your small pet in the spirit of celebration, follow these steps to make an Easter outfits for dogs.


Start with a sock, shirt or heater. The base of the Easter outfit your dog is a big sock, shirt or blouse even stopped to adjust comfortably around your body. If you have or want to buy any of these things in one color Easter as clear blue or pink, then use it. However, you can also start with a white cloth and dye it with a color Easter or just use it as a clean canvas.

outfits for dogs

Decorate the top. There are many options for decorating. You can use a shop cloth factory to sew a pattern. Just as easy, however, you can make cuts fabric egg shaped light pink and blue colors. Use different colored thread to sew the fabric eggs.
Make booties. Every dog knows that a good easter attire requires a shoe combines. If your dog does not care, find a baby slippers that complement the color of the outfit. Place the slippers on the feet of your dog to close the outfit. If he does not like the shoes, then socks infant or heaters used in four different colors and place on Easter his legs to look around.

Do not forget the Easter hat. Many dogs do not tolerate anything on their heads, but if yours does (make even a family photo) loading. Utilizes elastic head band for baby as a base and add fake flowers and a network for a stylish hat. O turns your pet into a rabbit with ears made of felt or wool.

Adorns the collar. To add the finishing touch to your ensemble Easter dog, looking for a necklace that looks good and fit with the color scheme of the outfit. Take one of the games that sell plastic over Easter and drilled a small hole in it. Then spend some soft wire through the hole and attach it to one of the rings on your dog’s collar. If your dog is in accordance with this Easter jewelry, consider adding a couple more pieces.