Dog food: nuggets and morsels compared

The dog food raises many questions and one of the first questions that arise is the price: also cheap products guarantee a good quality? In our test many samples at the first price trademark or exceed in quality the most famous and expensive brands. By choosing these products, you can save and Fido will eat it properly. And not only. Among food bowls and tins, wins the prize of the first quality category. What is the one that costs less?

nuggets and morsels

A quality hunting dogs for the jelly

Jelly Fido is untouchable. Despite the crisis, in fact, very few owners who decide to save on Nutrition of the friend to all fours. The data shows sales rising strongly. And the offer still broader market: products become more sophisticated and are distinguished according to size of dog, age or activity that takes place. There is even baby food for overweight dogs or heart-related problems. Only 50% of bosses prepare the meal to your dog at home, the other half choose canned or dry food. The moist morsels are more expensive than dry ones (they cost more than three times), but from our tests show that they are not the best choice from a nutritional standpoint.

From a practical perspective, the dry food has many advantages: easy to dose, is better preserved for several days. The tasty morsels are, however – if you have a dog you may have noticed – and the older animals chew them better. Once open, however, must be consumed within 2/3 days and kept in the refrigerator.

Dispelling a common place: the meat contained in the dog food is neither little nor bad. In the dry food values of proteins contained in meat, fish and eggs, ranging from 21 to 28% (calculated on the product without water); in ‘wet hovering between 30 and 43%. The quality is good, our tests have confirmed this. The moist morsels are, however, richer in fat and calories: often the fat content is higher than that recommended in a balanced diet. But not only canned meat has some mineral deficiencies (especially zinc) and vitamins (especially E). For this reason we can not recommend a Best Buy in wet food.

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