The new puppy and your pets

This includes the animals already “in place” to the arrival of the puppy and those that you can acquire after the arrival of the puppy. Should your pet make to all these potential changes.

You already have a dog, the puppy comes second. Do not make feel your ’emotion’ and your indulgence towards him. He must learn to respect the place of the old. Do you place not ever in the case of ‘conflict’ between the two dogs, taking the defense of the young.

new puppy

This would strengthen its dominant position and would create reactions of aggression on both sides, even much later (especially more later!). As soon as the puppy approaches the basket of the ‘old’, say: ‘ no! Similarly if it appropriates his toys or he eats in his lunchbox. If the young insists, shake it by the skin of the neck in scolding but praise him when he resumes a normal attitude.

The former will accept the new that it is ensured to keep her ‘place ‘. Afterwards, let the animals establish their hierarchy themselves. Your intervention should be limited to the first few days to understand the former that the young will not supplant it and the young is not the King. You can eat in a few remote locations, but at the same time. Try to live in the same rhythm: outings, walks.

The education of the former
How do I accept the new to the old? The latter has its well-established brands. In this case also, it must be ‘helping’ the dog to accept the other so that learning is fast. Unlike learning base orders, you here put your dog in a delicate situation.

He was not educated early on to accept another dog than him. It is therefore also and above all to you to demonstrate good will. Need to strengthen the place of the ‘old ‘. Without causing reactions of domination against the new, consider that the old is at home. It is to the young to get used.

Hard task for him, since he must understand that it is in you and that its own territory is really limited. Is indeed already occupied by a dog! It was that way you will avoid confrontations between the two dogs and you can require a certain behavior on the part of the former.

The ‘old’ must respect fasting meals and do not eat three times a day like it. You must intervene if the old way the new during his meal and not yield to applications for supplement of the ‘old ‘. Set specific to the new objects and a corner and make them abide by the former. You will notice that the young often take example on the other. If you want to have two well behaved dogs, do not miss the first experiment!Here’s one last tip to optimize the relationships between dogs.

Once the two dogs will be accustomed to the other, they will establish hierarchical relationships sometimes different from those logically due to age. The young can become dominant. Must be observed, as a master, this order of things.

So it will take still favour the dominant, to not deal with the relationships established by the dogs (when acquiring a new pet, “dominance” of the former is to respect only in the early, then nature leave).

Any opposition from the master to the hierarchy can cause fights. Welcome, for example, the dominant first, and then it dominated. If a dispute arises between the two, scold the two. Otherwise, taking advantage to one or the other, you could still change their relationship. You must be a master for both both and a guard for one of the two. If their relationship changes and that it dominated becomes dominant, comply with this new situation.

We allow us to emphasize this point again: is that while always aware of these relationships that the balance of your dog will be insured. Despite these precautions, you may experience a difficult animal. This isn’t necessarily an animal that bites without stopping (this case may exist but it is so very serious pathologies); the difficult animal is charming when the situation suits him and becomes impossible to dominate when it is more to his liking.

The masters then seek pleasant situations for the animal, avoid others for more tranquility, and dog behavior is that deteriorate. Must absolutely take over his dog and especially not avoid it to annoy. In do chiding it not, you save your peace some time, but you will then need to increasingly important and many problems.

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