Necklace anti dog tugs


We present this necklace anti-pulls for dogs this accessory will prevent our pets undertaking the sharp tugs when we took a walk, and we avoid making excessive force when our dog master. In the market, there are several options for anti-pulling collars dogs some have an ultrasonic system is activated every time the dog barks or pulls on the leash.


This necklace can be adjusted by the owner to determine the power of ultrasound in proportion to the attitude and strength of the dog so it is as when the signal is softer our pet is slightly excited and increase depending on the animal’s reaction. In addition, this type of collar ultrasound has an advantage: a part of the owner does not have to make any physical effort to educate your dog to walk down the street and especially this accessory has no impact sound audible to the ear human.

If we have a new dog as a pet and do not know if Purebred, we can confirm this by recognition, thus enroll you in the in the Register of Canine Breeds and start a new genealogy. For this, our pet must have at least one year and confirm if you belong to any race, so we must consult the official standard of your race specific and objectively see if your dog fits into it.

If so, we will get the recognition easily so we should look on the website of the RSCE what exhibition is held closer to our home and contact the organizers to enroll the dog for recognition of race. There the animal is examined by observing their basic characteristics: mouth, proportions, testes in males, motion, if it meets the breed standards we signed the slip of the RRC.