Natural Rearing: feeding dog

Inventor of the Natural Rearing, Baïracli Juliette Levy is a pioneer who laid the foundations of an ever expanding discipline: holistic or natural health for animals.

The inventor of the Natural Rearing

Inspiration of a true lifestyle,it relies primarily on the strength of a healthy organism (diet similar to that of wild canids,exercise,outdoor life,etc..) Supported by the use of medicinal plants in prevention and in case of illness.Disagree with the direction of veterinary education of his time,she interrupted his studies to devote himself to learning the natural care for animals living in contact with people that hold a traditional ancestral knowledge in this field.

Natural Rearing

Breeder under the affix Turkuman of Afghan Hounds famous,she travels the world with his little pack,garnering revenues of farmers,Berbers,Bedouins,gypsies and other travelers from Britain,Israel,Greece,Turkey,Mexico and Austria …In the 1930s,his experiences allowed him to successfully treat dogs with the distemper in his London clinic,and save condemned sheep.In food,she has inspired many holistic vets in Australia (BARF Raw Feeding …) and the United States (Volhard diet,Dr. Pitcairn’s recommendations).A small homecoming will understand the strength of his ideas from a long canine practice,itself driven by a love devoid of anthropomorphism vis-avis the dog.

The doctrine of Natural Rearing

Great admirer of the wild,Juliette Levy Baïracli advocates a diet based on natural raw meat,plenty of sunshine and fresh air,at least 2 hours of exercise a day.Since I read his apology (the word is not too strong) the benefits of contact with the ground,I let my dogs dig holes in areas of the garden who do not fear the assault on their swift legs.Formerly,these popular activities of young dogs but terribly destructive for my plantations me angry.This is a new happiness for me to see them deploy all their energy and return the nose and lower legs coated with an earthy crust.

In addition to these lifestyle tips,The breeder strongly advocates the practice of fasting and other natural methods (many wild plants, oil …) instead of vaccinations and medicines “suppression of symptoms.”Her dogs eat a varied diet including raw meat (sometimes with whole rabbit skin!),Dairy products,eggs,chopped herbs,seaweed powder,small amounts of fruits and vegetables,cereals like oats soaked overnight in milk or raw goat yogurt.

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