The benefits of natural food for his dog

Natural diet has 3 goals: feeding, growth and protect the body from disease.You day after day the pleasure of living with a dog with a vigorous health, a spirited constantly renewed through food and exercise that you get him. It will have the strength and the beauty of a wild animal!

natural food for dog

Juliette de Bairacli Levy may determine by a simple review teeth, eyes and member of a dog if it is fed or not naturally. This health clearly visible, detectable in the harmony of the construction of the dog, no doubt explains the success of its Afghan greyhounds in the great exhibition of beauty (Crufts, Westminster…)!

The vitality of the doctrine of natural breeding Natural Rearing breathes to the reading of his works which has an invigorating and motivating drive effect. Full of rustic recipes could smile canine nutritionists of the 21st century. Some of its recommendations, such a whole sheep cooking in water, are difficult to follow in our urban and civilized way of life.

His fierce opposition to the freezing of meat, method too destructive for nutrients, which it prefers burial in the Earth, can seem outdated… But what does it matter! That each draws from this vast wealth the food it needs.