Why when caress my puppy is urine?

When they are excited, puppies urinate often spontaneously, they have no control of this action and sometimes, even do not understand what has happened. Other dogs may urinate as a sign of submission in the presence of another animal (or person) which they considered to be dominant. These animals can not control this situation.

Submissive urination is sometimes seen in puppies and young dogs which have been punished. However, many puppies that are absolutely normal and have received a proper treatment can also develop involuntary urination. These problems appear to be caused by a nerve problem in the bladder muscles (bladder) or an abuse that frightened or intimidated to the puppy.

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The re-education and even medication is used in these puppies, in the case of re education must be made for professionals in animal behavior because the correction made by the tutor usually does not solve the problem, with regard to the drugs used are sedatives to work while they are early but there is recurrence when the administration.

It is suggested that an investigation into the reason or the trigger done by the owner, they can be several things; some will be easily identifiable as eg. Approaching the puppy in sudden and he triggers the fact urinate, others urinate when one bends to caress it, any identified action that triggers the event must try to prevent it from happening.

Most of the puppies stop flowing when it reaches six months of age, if in addition the animal develops in a quiet environment and good treatment will facilitate the correction of that problem. You have to be patient and when it happens, immediately must be clean and forget about the situation and not to scold or he puppies stop.

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