Making a complaint against my neighbor’s dog

Try to solve the problem with the behavior of the neighbor’s dog yourself before filing a complaint. If you tried to talk the problem of noise, free roaming or menacing dog without success, then you can take the next logical step. When you present a complaint against your neighbor’s dog, determines what rights you have and how to assert them.


Call your animal control agency and ask about local or state ordinances regarding dogs barking, threaten or are confined. If the dog barking is the problem and the animal control agency proves to be useless, call lawyer in town and ask for general discomfort or noise ordinances which may apply to the barking of a dog.

my neighbor's dog

Explain your situation and ask the animal control authority imposed by state or local ordinance relating to unconfined, threatening or barking dogs or general discomfort and noise.
Go to your office, animal control authority and complete any paperwork necessary to file a complaint against your neighbor’s dog. This process may vary according to the area where you live. No matter what, insist on a written copy of your complaint and a record exists.