Anti fugue: what do I do if my dog fugue?

The fugue is a well known problem for dog owners. Occasional or chronic, the fugue of the dog is a danger to the animal left to himself in the nature, but also a source of anxiety for his master who is the bad blood.

Fortunately, solutions exist to solve this disorder of the dog’s behaviour. Do was a saying “for every problem its solution?

my dog fugue

Why the dog fugue
Separation anxiety : this disorder may appear due to a lack or poor socialization in puppy in his first weeks of life. It leads to destructive behavior (on objects but also on itself), sometimes fugues and in more severe cases, a lack of communication and feeding difficulties.

Loneliness : the dog can get up to run away because he’s bored when you’re not at home, or due to a change in her foster family (moving, baby, new dog…). If the animal is feeling frustrated, it will naturally seek elsewhere what he finds more, or more in sufficient quantities, at his home.

Sexuality : your dog can also be beautiful to satisfy his sexual needs. His escape will be so motivated by finding a partner, which may correspond to periods of heats of females.

Fear : a noise, a firecracker, a thunderstorm… The sources of noise that can scare your pet are many. The animal seeking at all costs to hide can then escape.

Hunger : it knows well, the majority of the dogs think with their bellies. If the animal feels a pleasant smell floating in the air, it may be tempted to look for the source.

The need for exercise, the game : the desire to reach other animals to play, walk, run it maybe a factor triggering the fugue of the dog.

Runaway dog, what are the solutions?
Rest assured, solutions exist to address this problem. All cases are treated in the same way and some dogs are more difficult to (re) educate than others.

The fugue due to heat
If it is a fugue of sexual origin, castration will not be the contrary miracle cure. Indeed, this kind of operation will be more effective in an aggressive dog as for a runaway dog. Prefer the hormonal treatments that will calm your dog on time without altering its character or personality on a final basis.

The solitude of the dog
If your pet to tend to run away because he feels alone, you can choose the classic trick of the radio left on during the day. Thus, the dog will feel less alone hearing human pathways. When you are in his presence, be not stingy with caresses and attentions to him so that it associates your presence with a certain well-being.

If hunger is the trigger for the flight of your dog, you can choose to offset his meals or give him to them at different times depending on the day. Thus deprived of benchmarks, the dog will be less attempted to flee for fear of Miss time his food bowl.

The education of the dog
Educating his dog to prevent the fugue : If you come toadopt a puppy, a few basic lessons will help him learn why it should not climb. Thus awareness from a young age, the dog may cause less of you distort company in the future. You should also know that certain breeds of dogs are more prone to this kind of behaviour (Northern dogs sled dogs style or still hunting dogs).

The fear
Your dog runs away because he is afraid? The first thing is to identify the reason for her fear if it is not obvious at first glance. If it is frightened by a noise (Thunder, Fireworks…), so do not console him to reassure ! It maybe hard, but due to reassure your dog will support the idea that his fear was justified. The best method is to divert its attention from the noise, see associate it with something pleasant (candy, game…)

A family change
If the dog fugue due to family changes, should then take care to give it prominence within the family. Walk it, stroke and play with him while doing so that it always keeps its place as a dominated in your relationship.

Tips anti run away
To prevent it from escaping, you can add to your fence a “return”, i.e. as an extension at its top and slanted to the inside of the garden. This will prevent him from jumping. On the ground, you can have chunks of roasting in order to deter him from digging a hole under the fence.

The anti closing fugue
If your pet has a way of escape anyway, the closing anti fugue can represent a good alternative. As soon as the dog enters “forbidden zones”, le device emits a signal that will not cease until the dog will be. Of course, you will need to assist at the start so that it seize the good behaviour.

Congratulate rather that punish
Important: when your dog fugue and that it is up, you must congratulate him and not punish him. Even if this seems illogical and the dog knew he had not the right to leave the home in soft, it will not include that you punish it upon his return. Always punish a dog just after his stupidity so it can associate it with the punishment.

Behavioural therapy
Finally, if the above mentioned solutions do not bear fruit, it will take possibly consider behavioral therapy with an animal behaviorist. There is no shame in getting help and these specialists will find good practices to put your dog in the right way.

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