Why is my dog aggressive?

The opinion of the educator Antonio Ruiz
It seems to me important to clarify that aggression is something normal in dogs such as fear or curiosity (called rather exploratory behaviour). It’s only behavior exaggerated in this area which poses problem. That a dog has of the character is not so serious, that there a dirty character or know more control in a crisis is much more annoying.

In addition to the fact that dogs descended from wolves (but the aggressiveness he had at the time and that allowed him to survive is is mitigated in part because it no longer has to be), a dog like a human is a living being that has its character. There are shy, laid people, very safe and downright aggressive people.

dog aggressive

In dogs, it is exactly the same thing. Of course education and environmental change in part this character. Real point of divergence between the two species: the death penalty (euthanasia) is not abolished in the dog! It is therefore their life to be able to control them and thus avoid the irreparable.

Definition of aggression
“Harm to physical or psychic someone.” It is noted that in this definition, the mere fact of threatening may be perceived as aggression, to the limit simply for being awesome might already be aggressive! I believe that in this area we must reason keep and we will not consider proven attacks, and of course ways to prevent them.

The notion of threat is still the most interesting because it must be understood what is the threat. An infamous example, the atomic bomb; all countries with the swear their great gods that this is only a deterrent force designed to prevent a potential opponent to attack.

As such, the threat in the dog (grumble, take up their lips, take a steep attitude, fix the other right in the eyes…) is particularly explicit. The dog shows the extent of its power to do not have to be used. We will return to this notion in reiterating the special case of children who unfortunately more often do not understand the threat.

Like other behaviors, aggression is divided into three phases : a phase appetitive (here the threat), a consumer phase (the assault itself), a healing phase (often taken for a request for forgiveness of the dog and sometimes a second attack source!). We have seen that the threat was designed to move to the attack. That is why it is located first in the course of behavior.

It should be noted that regardless of the behavior of your dog, if you want to stop it, it will be easier if you break it in the first phase. In the case that concerns us, it is easier to prevent a dog from biting to do stop. It is the same for two or more dogs, because if it becomes difficult to hold them, then it is almost impossible to let go (Pack effect).

You’ve already seen what reasons lead a dog to bite. Back on four of them. The first is the fear, and a very large number of bites identified sources. The second is the lack of knowledge of the masters that there still inadvertently leads their dog to “supreme fault” especially when it takes place on their own person. A partial or total obedience lack seems to be the third element.

Finally the notion of critical distance and flight distance that induces the where the dog is (or feels, it is his perception that is important) cornered and his head almost forced to assault. Other criteria important in the concept of aggression: the idea that it is. Let’s take a concrete example. During my seven years in the SPA, it was what a dog during the absence of a colleague.

Upon his return, he resumed work and takes care of the dog without worries. Until the moment where it warns him that this dog is there because he has bitten. His attitude changes, it first has a retrospective fear but generally addresses more the dog as the first time when he did not yet know. Everything flows. Where some advertising campaigns that ask people not to be manipulated by the media dogs and canine danger said to be dangerous.

Explanation of common assault
Take a dog, a two-year- old male corniaud did not have courses of education or sociability. For assault should mount pressure until the threshold which is located at 10/10. It is a dog who’s afraid of the noise of trucks and buses on the street, he knows the children unless there is at his home.

Sunday morning, it’s nice and its masters decide to take him to the market. They are almost arrived when they come across a group of children with their companions to their bus. And then everything goes very fast: children cry, shake, one tries to Petting the dog and then a second, and in the third, while Mr tries vainly to sit his dog screaming “sit” for the fifth time, it grabs the hand of the child.