How to make a milk replacer for puppies

There are numerous reasons why a puppy might orphaned or “excluded” from the litter. If you have an orphan or rejected puppy is important to know how to care. You must provide a dry bed hot , consult a veterinarian about how to clean it and feed it with milk replacer. Puppies are fed latter until they are four or five weeks old.


You will need

Pet Bottles Milk powder (powder replacement Hartz Advanced Care Puppy Milk or milk powder for puppies Esbilac) A milk substitute homemade (with evaporated milk, water or goat’s milk, egg yolks, yogurt, Karo syrup, corn oil, a pediatric multivitamin)



milk replacer for puppies


Mix the formula according to package directions or buy the ingredients and make it yourself. Most pet stores or veterinary clinics have the formula to replace breast milk. For a homemade recipe, mix half a cup of evaporated milk with water hot , a teaspoon of corn oil or Karo syrup, a drop of pediatric multivitamin, two egg yolks and a tablespoon of plain yogurt. Warm it to room temperature. If you do not want to use evaporated milk, use goat milk and removes water.



Pour into a bottle for puppies. Shake vigorously to mix the formula and ensure that only a few drops come out of the nipple at a time. If you leave too much milk will drown the puppy.




Inserts Bottle Nipples in the puppy’s mouth, using your fingers to hold her open mouth. Squeeze the bottle to push a few drops of formula into the puppy’s mouth. This should encourage him to suck on your account .



If the puppy is weak, use a syringe to feed it. Fill the syringe with formula, gently open your mouth and pour the milk inside. Once swallowed, the process repeats.



Offer small amounts frequently rather than overfeed the puppy.