Choose a male or female dog?

Once the race is chosen, should choose between a male or female dog the advantages and the disadvantages entailed by the sex of the dog.

The female is more affectionate and docile, it normally has no dominant trend and fugue to mate or to wander. It will be an imperative choice for those who want to undertake a career as a farmer.

male or female dog

However, it has disadvantages related to its sexual cycle : the loss of blood during the heats, the “Court” of male dogs when she is, she can obviously expect small, she is prone to nerve pregnancies and may suffer from uterine and mammary pathologies.

The male has a greater tendency to the fugue and dominance, it is excellent to stand guard, a little less to keep company.

If you still hesitate
It is advisable to the undecided to buy a female, the autoclave and confined to a single dog. Do coexist two or more in the same environment may create problems of cohabitation, especially with the approach of the heats and the female once the male reaches sexual maturity. The management of a group requires a lot of experience and time, especially if the animals are all of the same sex, to control their inevitable struggles for territory and dominance.

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