How to make your husky get along with your cat

The Huskies and cats do not get along naturally. Unlike other dogs who do not care about cats or befriend them, many huskies are natural hunters, likely to follow a dam, which means it will go after what they see as prey, which includes smaller animals that are not dogs . Among these animals are cats. If you have the ability to train your husky as a puppy, your success rate will be higher than with a dog adult. Although, some huskies eventually can make friends of cats, but it takes time for a workout regime that may never be completely successful. In such cases, it is best to keep the animals separate and become a “time for huskies” and another “time cat”.




Husky Separate the cat. Decide what will be the room or cage dog and the cat which, in order to let one loose while the other is safe.

Allows freely discover the cat husky for a week. Keep the cat in the room with her litter box, food, water and scraper. The Huskies will get used to the sounds and smells of the cat through the door.
Let the cat out and put the dog in her room for a while. Let the wandering cat to leave his scent in the house for the husky gets used.

Put the husky in a cage and let the cat walk around the house and explore . Do it for several hours a day or overnight for a week or more. Cat back to her room when the dog is loose.

Place a baby gate or pet at the door of the room the cat.

Present them in the cat room. Take the dog to the cat’s room and opens the door.

Distract the husky with treats. Put your dog in a sitting position and give treats when the cat approaches investigate. Do it several times a day for a week.

Put the husky on the belt and release the cat. Distract him with treats and correct it if you want to go after the cat. Continue this for a week, putting him in the crate when you can not take care of. If nmuestra much interest in cats prior training continues until you see no improvement.