List of hunting dogs

The hounds, hunting dogs, the Feists, terriers and curs comprise five categories main hounds. These can be divided into subcategories that describe whether the dog uses the smell or sight to track prey, or if recovered, the point or drive away. Breeders often breed dogs to fulfill more than one function and many of these breeds are great pets and show dogs in addition to their working capabilities.

 hunting dogs


The hounds use their noses to track prey talented and sometimes are used to kill prey. A well-known example is the basset hound that was first introduced globally in 1860 in Paris. The superior sense of smell of the bloodhound and slow reflexes make it a great companion for hunters on foot in search of foxes, rabbits and pheasants. His temperament both soft and loyal with his charming appearance has created a historical disagreement about whether this breed should serve as a show dog or hound.


Hunters looking younger dams and used shotguns usually find the companion perfect retrievers, spaniels, setters and pointers. These dogs can locate their prey, especially birds, and follow specific instructions for scaring that is visible at the right time. Retrievers can then follow the path of a fallen bird and bring the prey back to the hunter. Many of these dogs are avid swimmers with large soft muzzles, perfectly suited for the recovery of ducks in the water.

Feists and terriers

The Feists and terriers hunt squirrels, rodents, birds and other small animals suited to his small stature. These dogs can jump up to 4 feet (1.2 m) tall, which is an admirable feat considering that many breeds have on average less than 18 inches (45 cm) tall. These dogs may exhibit all kinds of colors and patterns, and that is not often used as show dogs.


Cur The term is used to indicate a mixed breed dog like a terrier feisty or weighing more than 30 pounds (13 kg) and is able to hunt wild pigs, raccoons and even cougars. These dogs were bred for hunting skills, intelligence and a strong temperament and, therefore, can have a varied appearance. Many curs, as Catahoula cur, often show exceptional talent like sheepdogs. The black mouth curs as are popular as companion dogs for large families because of their loyalty and social bonding capacity.

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