How do you know what size a mongrel dog will be?

mongrel dog

When we speak of a dog or a mixed breed dog, we usually refer to a dog whose ancestry is unknown and which presents characteristics typical of two or more races. This is usually the result of non-selective. Generally, fortunate breeding, for a mongrel dog can be just as good a companion as a dog of a particular breed.

mongrel dog

Due to numerous factors, although it is possible to emphasize the great genetic variability, there are many advantages of having a mongrel dog. It is important to emphasize this point since unfortunately it is usually given less value to a dog of these characteristics. If you are thinking of adopting a mixed breed dog you are probably collecting all the necessary information. Of course, accurately estimating the size of a mestizo dog is not an easy task but it can be simplified if we know what ancestry our pet has.

Genetic inheritance plays a very important role in the size and overall physical appearance of a mongrel dog, so much so that two mongrel black dogs could result in a litter of golden fur. How is this possible? Dogs have a large number of recessive genes that although they are not dominant, did acquire this role in the new litter.

It is because of this same phenomenon that it is worth clarifying that knowing the size of your dogs. Parents do not mean being able to estimate how much it will grow because if your dog comes from other mongrel dogs, genetics can always surprise you.

Starting in 2007 it is possible to find in some countries, such as the United States. A simple genetic test that can be performed with blood samples or even with swabs of saliva. Although they are offered for sale to the public and ensure that breed composition can be determined in a mongrel dog, the validity is limited because few “pure breeds” have been genetically evaluated.

This test allows determining those genetic sequences that are common to a certain race or another, thus we can get an idea of the ancestry of our dog. However guaranteeing a certain size remains a delicate task.

When will a mongrel dog stop growing?

The extension of the growth process is related to the size that our dog should have. This information can be used as a clue since depending on the age that our pet has when it stops growing, we will finally understand that it will have some dimensions u Other:

Small size: The dog will grow quickly, at 3 months he will have reached half the weight he will have in his adult age and will begin to stop growing at approximately 6 months.

Medium size: It will grow actively until the 7 or 8 months, however, the height and the volume will finish fixing when it completes a year, being able to be this period slightly smaller.

Large size: The growth process is much slower compared to a small breed, it reaches half of its adult weight at approximately 6 months and its growth can last up to a year and a half.

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