How to know if my dog ​​is poisoned

How to know if my dog ​​is poisoned

Dogs are loyal and loving pets, but also is curious and restless animals who love to explore, which sometimes can lead to ingest toxic substances that can put their health in extreme danger. Acting quickly is critical to ensure recovery in case the dog is intoxicated, but what signals tell us that something serious happens? The symptoms of poisoning in dogs can vary depending on the substance that the animal has ingested however there are some signs that occur frequently which should be attentive.

There are three forms of canine poisoning or poisoning:

The first rule is that the dog is not suffering from a food or some plant poisoning because if you know or suspect the exact origin of the substance that is causing the symptoms to the vet will be much easier to treat your dog. Therefore, we recommend consulting our articles about toxic foods for dogs and plants that are poisonous to them. If you think your animal may have consumed any of the products on this list take it to the vet immediately.


If in the last 12 to 24 hours have applied to the skin of your pet any product, cream for human use, or do not know if it is appropriate for the dog, it is advisable to review the application area. If it is red, swollen, with hives or rash that product may be the cause of poisoning, so take your dog immediately to a specialist.

These signals may also indicate the condition of other serious conditions such as distemper. However if you suspect your dog may have ingested a toxic substance present in your home, garden or on the street it is best to take it immediately to a veterinarian to treat it as soon as possible and to ensure their recovery. This article is for information only in have no power to prescribe any veterinary treatment or perform any diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the vet if present any kind of condition or discomfort.

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