You know the dog has intestinal parasites?

Many times an animal can be host while he, failing any sign, the roundworm (worms or wormround s), they are the most common, measuring several centimeters, resemble a noodle and often seen, sometimes in the feces of the dog and when he vomits, but there is the possibility that the animal do not delete them, but that does not mean that it is not host.

The I wormsmall s and eggs not seen with the naked eye, you should be an analysis of fecal matter and is observed by the microcospio.

the dog hasintestinal parasites

Tapeworms ( I worms damped, as tapes); they may appear as rectangular segments (cestoda) that move around the anus of the animal, or as grains of rice or cucumber seeds, the cestoda are the last segments of the tapeworm filled with eggs that are eliminated outside so that it continues the life cycle of the parasite.

Except tapeworms, the best way to diagnose parasites on an animal is through an examination of fecal matter carried out by the veterinarian.

In an analysis of fecal matter (showed), seek the microscopic eggs of the parasites.
It must be de-worming the animal on a regular basis every 3 or 4 months, and also an examination showed to find eggs where the conventional antiparticles are not acting, and you must use the appropriate Wormer, in the event that is observed another type of parasite were of the more common that, generally, infest the animal.

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