Insurance for my dog?

There are two types ofinsurance for your dog : civil liability insurance and medical insurance. You want to cause your dog to the third : it is liability insurance. Type mutual insurance will provide reimbursements of medical expenses. If your animal causes damage, you are required by the act as responsible.

Civil liability insurance
Cheapest insurance is comprehensive insurance and civil liability for the family. For utility dogs (guard, hunting…), a bonus may be claimed by the insurance. Read contracts whether situations are laid down and covered.

Insurance for my dog

Medical insurance
To choose insurance, must be able to read a contract. Know what is reimbursed: vaccinations, surgical, medical and acts at what height of costs. Addresses are to ask your veterinarian.

Before signing a contract, read it and look at the following points:
-the period of support from the date of registration
-modulation of payments based on the age of the animal
-the types of payment: costs medical, surgical, or both
-support for the vaccination rate
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