Home remedies to treat urinary tract infections in dogs

If ever you had an infection of the urinary tract, symptoms and how you feel are similar to those faced by your dog if you experience the same condition. You can help treat the infection with home remedies , but if your pet does not respond to treatment or begin having difficulty urinating, you should go to the vet immediately. The infection can move to the kidneys and cause serious disease if not treated. It is likely that the vet will prescribe an antibiotic to treat the infection.

tract infections in dogs

Recognizing the symptoms
To treat infections of the urinary tract your dog in your home, you must know what are the symptoms that your pet is suffering from this condition. The most common include blood in the urine or has a bad smell, the dog cries when urinating, you need to go out more often and have accidents in the house.

Potty Breaks
If your dog suffers from an infection in the urinary tract, cn will urinate more frequently. The more you urinate, it is more likely that the infection go away by itself. Otherwise, retains the more urine in the bladder, the bacteria remain more time there.

Clean your dog frequently prevents and helps to cure urinary tract infections, especially in females. The female urethra is short and bacteria can quickly enter into the bladder and cause an infection . Clean the genitals and the lower body of your dog with a paper towel after you urinate.

Make your dog drink plenty of water, not only causes you to urinate more frequently but also decreases the likelihood of dehydration. Make sure you have a steady supply of clean water available. Offer him chicken broth to encourage him to drink more fluids, and foods moist rather than dry, because they contain more water.

Like cranberry juice can help treat a person with an infection in the urinary tract, can also help a dog with the same condition. The cranberries prevent bacteria from adhering to the bladder and also acidifies the urine to create an inhospitable environment for these bacteria. It may be a little hard to convince your dog to drink cranberry juice, but you can add one capsule of extract of this juice in the food of the pet, about 20 mg per pound (9 mg per kilo) of body weight.

Cantharis homeopathic
The Cantharis is a homeopathic remedy containing Spanish fly and is used to treat urinary tract disorders. It is believed to relieve the pain and irritation that accompanies this condition. Cantharis capsules can hide inside a peanut butter caramel Dog or some other sweet so you can swallow the pill.

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