Ideal time for mating canine

Detecting the ideal time is difficult,both for individuals and for breeders.Yet it is crucial especially if one uses a standard which you pay the seed.Ovulation starts on the 11th day and continues through day 15.It is then that he must practice the projection,the ideal is to make two or three at regular intervals during this window of opportunity.But counting the days is not the most reliable method.

The date of the ideal projection must be determined after smear and progesterone assay because many dogs do not follow the theoretical calculation of the day.Pap smear: We study the changes in vaginal cells as a function of cycle periods.The dosage of progesterone: Female secretes the hormone just before ovulation.Its detection in the blood can therefore know that ovulation is very close.There is a threshold of progesterone from ovulation which is certain.Once the threshold is exceeded,the dog must be bred within 48 hours.


Contraception canine

It is not essential for a dog to have small,although the views of professionals are divided on this subject.If the heat (twice a year) are a phenomenon that you fear,you can opt for a method of contraception.This is essential if you breed a male and a female together and do not want to breed.There are methods for male and female medical and surgical methods.

Medical methods of contraception

The hormone injection

Medical methods have the advantage of not being definitive.This is to make a hormone injection every 5-6 months after leaving the first heat ahead normally.The risk of this method is the long-term uterine infection.So do not practice these injections on each cycle.

Surgical methods of contraception


Surgery is definitive but the risk of uterine infection no longer exist.The disadvantages are weight gain and the risk of urinary incontinence in female when older.These phenomena do not occur after each intervention,but their probability is not negligible,they must be taken into account in a decision to intervene.Oophorectomy involves removal of the ovaries,hysterectomy is the removal of the uterus and ovario-hysterectomy removal of the ovaries and uterus.Removing only the uterus eliminates the risk of pregnancy while avoiding the phenomena of obesity,because ovarian hormonal activity persists.

Tubal ligation

But beware,the males are attracted to the female during estrus.There is another method to control reproduction,very little used by veterinarians: tubal ligation.It provides permanent contraception but does not prevent the risk of uterine infections.

Castration and vasectomy on the male

In males,it can be practiced castration or vasectomy.It consists of obstruction of the vas deferens.Sterilization is effective 3 weeks after surgery.The indication of castration is usually a male aggressiveness that limiting reproduction.Castration of the male is also indicated for prostate pathology or perineal hernia.Sterilization of the male or the female is the only method to ensure effective control of reproduction when you have two at home.It also prevents the transmission of genetic defects.Compulsory contraception: for any dog?

– The dogs gathered at the SPA are sterilized to prevent replications and successive abandonments.
– Bitches blind guides are sterilized to avoid inconvenience to their master heats.
– It is recommended to sterilize dogs diabetics because insulin doses are changed completely during the heat.

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