Breeds of dogs “Hygen hound”

We can say with certainty that this breed is of the same origin than other Balkan hounds. In the past, this dog was known sometimes as “black hound”. The first standard was established in 1924. The F.C.I. officially recognized this race (Standard No. 279) on 8 May 1969, during its meeting in Warsaw.

Agile and strong, medium-sized.

The length of the body (measured from the tip of the shoulder to the tip of the buttock) and the perimeter of chest exceed about 10% the height at the cross. The length of the head corresponds to 45% of the height at the cross.

Hygen hound

This is a dog well balanced, attached to his master, docile and reliable.

Dolichocephalous; upper lines of the skull and the nasal helm are divergent.

Skull: It is longer than the muzzle. In the occipital region, its width is less than the distance that exists between naso-frontal depression and the occipital Protuberance. Seen from front or profile, it is flat or slightly domed. Its width decreases from the upper part of the skull to the naso-frontal depression. The frontal furrow is pronounced, while the occipital Protuberance is less marked; supraciliares arches are well developed.
Depression (Stop) naso-frontal: Little pronounced.

Truffle: It is well developed. It is always black.
Snout: It is thick and wide at its base; It is shorter than the skull. The desired correlation should be 7.5: 10. The lateral lines of the snout are convergent. The nasal helm is straight.
JAWS / teeth: The jaws are strong and have a bite regular and complete scissor-shaped. In the form of pincer bite is accepted. The teeth are well developed and implemented uniformly.
Lips: Moderately developed. They are together and the upper lip slightly exceeds the lower. The corner of the mouth is strong; the edge of the lips is black.
Cheeks: Flat.
Eyes: They are oval-shaped, are slightly oblique and its color goes from light brown to dark brown. The edge of the eyelids is black.
Ears: Insertion high and moderately long, range from thin to moderately thick. They are hanging, have no folds and stuck to the head. Its tip is shaped more or less marked.

It is powerful, oblique, forming an angle of 45 to 50 ° in relation to the horizontal. Its length is almost equal to the head. It is thin, muscular and has no Chin.

It is rectangular. Its length exceeds nearly by 10% the height at the cross.
Cross:Well pronounced.
Back: Muscular, wide, moderately long.
Lomo: It is muscular, solid, not very long. It is well linked to the rump.
Grupa: Slightly leaning (20 to 25 ° in relation to the horizontal); It is muscular, powerful and wide.
Chest: It is strong, deep; his height corresponds to between 45 to 50% of the height at the cross and its perimeter exceeds nearly by 10% the height at the cross.
Bottom line and belly: Xiphoid Appendix is outgoing. The belly is slightly up.

It continues the line of the rump and gradually decreases from its roots to its tip, which reaches the hock. Conducted in the form of sable above the line of the back is covered with abundant hair.


Together they are strong, solid, muscular and parallel.
Shoulders: The scapula is muscular and well attached to the chest wall. Its length is almost equal to the head. It forms an angle of 40 to 45 ° with the horizontal.
Elbow: Solid, well glued to the body. The distance from the ground to the elbow is up to 50% of the height at the cross.
Forearm: Straight, muscular, strong.
Carpus: Solid.
Metacarpus: Robust, thin, slightly oblique (up 15% in relation to the vertical).
Front foot: Cat walk. The fingers are strong, together and well arched. The pads are resistant, elastic, and black. The nails are always black.

Together they are strong, muscular, parallel and strong bones.
Thighs: They are powerful and muscular; they are not outgoing.
Knee: It is solid and is placed parallel to the median plane of the body. The angle of the knee is about 120 °.
Leg: Muscular. Its length corresponds approximately to the thigh.
Hock: It is solid and pronounced. His angle is about 135 to 140 °.
Metatarsus: It is powerful and almost vertical.
Hind foot: As the front foot.

It is uniform and elastic, with a good momentum of the hindlimbs. The favorite movement is a dynamic and fluid trot.

It is elastic and adheres well to the body. Their pigmentation is dark.

It is short, dense, rough, little thick and glossy. It presents well glued and smooth. The inner layer of hair is quite developed.

The base color is black pitted color fire over the eyes, snout and the lower parts of the extremities. Trademarks color fire over the eyes are the size of a hazelnut, while above the sides of the snout are prolonged at least up to the corner of the mouth. Trademarks color fire range from bright red through the uploaded red by a brownish red. Accepted a white chest mark, though it is not highly desired. Its diameter must not exceed 3 cm.

Height to the cross:It is 44 to 54 cm. 49-50 Cm is the ideal size in males and in females is 48-49 cm.

Any deviation from the above criteria is considered missing and the severity of it considers the degree of deviation to the standard and its impact on the health and welfare of the dog.

• Dog timid or aggressive.
• Upper or lower prognathism; the incisors arcade deviated.
• Lack of a tooth; accepted the lack of two premolars 1 (PM1).
• Colored eyes clear; gazeos eyes; different colored eyes; entropion and ectropion.
• Coiled tail carried above the back line or that deviates laterally.
• Colors that are not established by the standard.
• Any other white label other than the accepted by the standard.
• Size greater than or less than the accepted standard.

Any dog showing clear signs of physical abnormalities or behavior should be disqualified.

Males should be two appear normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

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