How to Train Hunting Dogs

How to train hunting dogs. There are 24 dog breeds classified as hunting. The type of hunting dog that will track and climate in which it will, are two important factors to consider when choosing your dog. No breed of dog is born trained to hunt. You must be prepared to train yourself and train dogs is not easy. You’ll have to work at it and have patience.


Buy the right dog breed. Hunting dogs are usually used to track. Buy a dog with a good sense of smell.

train dogs

Start a puppy. It’s easy to develop a bond with your dog if you start training him when young. Start doing it when you have 7 to 10 weeks.
Train your dog to hunt by smell rather than sight . A dog may not always be available to see the hunt, but if properly trained can always smell it.

Exercise your dog during the offseason and do not overfeed. Dogs that are not in good physical condition not working well.

Your dog accustomed to working in the climate that will be exposed during the hunting season. This should be done regularly.

Make sure your dog is well-nourished. Have available a supply of fresh water. A working dog consuming liquid.

Started training using basic obedience commands like “sit,” “stay,” “come” and “next”. Reward your dog when you follow orders.

Train your dog to respect you. Use kindness combined with discipline. When you and your dog are out hunting, do not want to be controlling it when I should be looking for prey.

Purchase an electric collar. When dogs do not obey orders or are easily distracted, a small electric shock will let them know they are doing something wrong.

Buy a couple of pints (liters) of blood if you are deer hunting this type of animal. Make a trail of blood, placing a premium dog at the end. Teach the dog to sniff.